Answering my (and your) questions such as, “Should I buy an electric car, or that 98’ 4Runner from the cash only car dealership?”

I don’t really want to debate popular topics and flashy news. That just annoys everyone involved. I am more interested in the true cost of products that I and most others use on a daily basis. I can paint the picture for you. You’re standing there with anxiety, guilt, and fear; internally debating the environmentally friendly credibility of said product, car, or whatever it is. Well maybe you’re not that devastated, but you have questions like I do. I want this blog to be a resource for everyone to understand their climate footprint.

Which is better for the earth an electric car or a 98 4Runner with 275,000 miles? ( Article to come soon). How much CO2 (excuse the lack of the subscript) was emitted to create my re-usable stainless steel water bottle? When I started to look into if there was a central resource for this information all I found was snippets of data and quotes sprinkled across articles around the internet.

There are tools used by companies to make more sustainable decisions when creating their product, but why are the results not shared with the consumer? How do you know if your product is truly better for the environment? How much CO2, water, and other resources were used to make that product? Life cycle analysis (What is LCA and Life Cycle Analysis? Article to come soon) is the tool used to determine these numbers, and I searched for a LCA tool for my personal life, and I could not find it. Enter this website. I will use the tools, data, and engineering skills I have to make a simple scorecard for you.

Sound good? Great! Let’s get you started by reading my first post on how this all started for me and how the idea of this website became a reality.

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